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Geoff Lane geoff at
Tue May 18 13:21:20 GMT 1999

Paul L. Lussier wrote:

You probably want to look at the logon script stuff and use roaming
Setting up Samba to map a users home directory to a drive letter can be done
using the [homes] section in the smb.conf.  Additionally, the '%' variables
(specifically %U, I think) will come in handy for this.

%U is how I do this.  In /etc/smb.conf, I have the line:
	include = /etc/smb.conf.%U

I have one configuration file for each user.  Thus, the configuration file
for fred would be /etc/smb.conf.fred.  Each smb.conf.<user> file specifies
the shares for the particular user.  This method allows you to keep the same
share name and 'point' it at a user-specific location on the server.


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