SMBD Runs as root

Burkhard Weeber B.Weeber at
Mon May 17 07:43:34 GMT 1999

Hello Tom,

this is because of the trapdoor behaviour of setuid().
If you do setuid() from root to another user you can't go back. 
The user access rights are set correctly inside smbd.

Hope it helps...

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Since loading 2.0.x of Samba, the SMBD process is always ran as "root" when 
users connect.  I just compiled Samba 2.0.3 on a AIX 4.2 to fix it 
according to the enhancement document.  SMBD is still running as "root" on 
2.0.3.  Does anybody have a work around for this.

Tom Harris
Denton CAD
tomh at

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