Using include to change the printer shares

Dan Roscigno ddr at
Fri May 14 19:35:07 GMT 1999

Samba version:	1.9.18p8
Server:		Solaris 2.6
Clients:	100 Win95/8 machines

The Samba server is used only to handle printing to 10 laser

My clients are in two different classes.  

	90 are in classrooms where they should not use

	10 are in a PC lab where they should use

I have two different [printers] definitions, one which
allows guest printing and another which does not.  I would
like to be able to use an if/then/else type of syntax to get
the different [printers] share loaded:

	if %M is in this list then
		include /etc/smb.printerA
		include /etc/smb.printerB

Is this possible?  If it is not, then can I redefine the
[printers] share?  I would guess that if the machine is in
the list that are not supposed to support guest printing
then I could include the non-guest definition, and this
would (hopefully) overwrite the standard one:

		standard (guests allowed) printers 
		share defined here

	;this other file has the non-guests definition
	include /etc/smb.printer.%M  
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