Problems Joining NT Domain

Rod Sanborn rsanborn at
Fri May 14 14:01:01 GMT 1999


    I am trying to configure my Samba server (2.0.3) to join an NT 4.0
domain.  Here are the steps I followed:

        - created machine account for Samba server using Server Manager on
the PDC

        - set the following parameters

            security = domain

            workgroup = domain_name

            password server = PDC BDC1 BDC2

            encrypt passwords = yes

        - I then stopped all the Samba daemons and ran 'smbpasswd -j
domain_name'.  I got the following error:

            smb password encryption not selected in Makefile

    Any ideas what is going wrong and what I should do to correct it?

Rod Sanborn
rsanborn at

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