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At 23.34 13/05/99 +1000, Michal Jezierski wrote:
>Double PII 300 MHz? (Realteks are known for heavy processor load).

yeah, that's true compared to NICs with a better design but the CPU
consumption of a 10 Mbs NIC is always so small that you'll never notice the
difference. Just as an example a good 10 Mbs NIC could consume about 0.5%
of your cpu time on typical Pentium PCs when driven at full bandwith. Even
if the worse NIC chipset consumes 4 times more CPU you waste just 1.5% of
your CPU time. Unless you have 10 NICs on your PC you wouldn't notice the
difference because usually most of the CPU time is used by the upper
layers, not the NIC driver itself. Things of course get completely
different if you use 100 Mbs NICs or you have much slower CPUs.

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