SAMBA digest 2089

Steve Mertz stevem at
Thu May 13 15:41:46 GMT 1999

> > 1) Has anyone got it working with Windows 2000?  If so what is the edit
> >    for the registry?
> Wouldn't touch it with the proverbial 10 foot pole.  I take it the 
> appropriate reg keys are different than win98?

Well, it's more akin to WinNT than 95/98.  And I couldn't get the NT reg
edits to work.

> > 2) Why, when you create a 'valid user' list does the ability to browse
> >    the shares via NetHood.
> If I get your meaning, that's the way it's supposed to work.  A 
> valid user list will make it so only those users can "see" the 
> designated share(s) when browsing.  However, any user can find the 
> share if they know the name.  Setting browsable=no will make that 
> share "invisible" to all users (ie, it won't show in the browse 
> list), but they can still attach if they know the share name.  
> Using a write list on a share will let all users "see" the share, 
> but only those designated will have write access.

Actually, I mean that no one can view the shares.  Even the people in the
in the valid user list.

> > 3) Is there away to seperate the directory shares from the printer shares
> >    so that they don't end up all bungled together?  Would this require
> >    running two samba servers on the unix box.  One for directories and one
> >    for the printers? or is there an easier/better way?
> The only way I can think of is to use a naming convention that puts 
> the printer shares at the end (shares are typically shown in sorted 
> alphabetical order).  Does that help?

The problem with this is we have a scheme already (a stupid one though)
and there are 50+ printers on the network.  So I can't do that.  

Thanks for your info!

-- Steve

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