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Axel Neumann amn at
Wed May 12 14:36:47 GMT 1999

Massimo Lambertini wrote:

>I have a big problem .

>I'he upgrade my Server from ( Linux 2.0.36 and Samba 1.19 ) to
>Linux 2.2.7 and Samba 2.0.3 ( redhat 6.0 ).

>I have used the same smb.conf but the systen do not work the same .

>I have a linux directory shared by 10 users with M$ Office 97 .

>With Old System ( Samba 1.19) when i open a file from one client if i
>try to open from an other i have a Exxcel Message that say " this file
>is in use
>you can open in read only mode ".

>With new system (Samba 2.0.3 ) when i open a file from a cliente , if i
>try to open from other client i have a Exxxcel Message that say
>"you have not read/write access to file " .

>I use the same uid and guid in directory attrybute , and the only way
>to view something is to disable  OPLOCKS ( oplocks = false in smb.conf )

>then i can open a file in R/W in all Client but when i try to save the
>file ,
>I have a deadlock and i must close that file in all' client .

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strict Locking = Yes

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I have a similar system running Samba 2.03 on SCO OS 5.04 and M$-Office. 
>From my point of view the problem is related to the above mentioned 
parameter. On my system this parameter is set to NO.

The parameter SHARE MODES = YES defines that the application defines what 
to do with the file (i.e. locking) and what to do if a file is already 
opened. So STRICT LOCKING is not necessary.

It seems that Samba 2.03 has changed something in its locking behavior so 
that the application gets confused with the different lockings of a file.

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