Performance (?) problem with Samba and NT

Hall, Ken (ECCS) KeHall at
Wed May 12 13:18:12 GMT 1999

Thanks to all the folks on the list who offered suggestions on this.  I
think I found the problem.

In desperation, I installed a new copy of NT on a fresh disk and tested
different combinations, and it seems to work best with just Windows
Networking and TCP/IP configured.  Adding the Microsoft Client for Novell
slowed things down a little, but initial access to the NetWare server was
much slower than to Samba.

Adding the 32-bit Novell client made the NetWare server nice and quick, but
the initial connection and later reconnection to the Samba server slowed to
a crawl.

I checked the Novell site for info on this but didn't come up with anything.
I'm not going to pursue it because the new server goes live next weekend so
it becomes academic anyway.

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