Please Help! Re: Using smbpasswd (fwd)

Michal heja at
Wed May 12 12:12:59 GMT 1999

> I am trying to get encrypted passwords working for a Linux/Samba server
> serving Win9x clients. We want the students to be able to logon either
> the Samba file system or the Linux server and allow the students to
> change their password from either. I would really appreciate any help
> on this matter. We need to get this working as quickly as possible as
> the old Netware server is on life support. Thanks!
> I am running RH52 Linux upgraded to kernel 2.2.1 and samba-2.0.3-19990228.
>         passwd chat = *UNIX\spassword* %o\n *ew\sUNIX\s*password* %n\n *etype* %n\n *successfully*
The passwd chat is different depending on whether you are using shadow
passwords (run pwconv) or not. Run passwd and see the difference, then
make this parameter reflect it. I don't quite remember the correct
string since we don't use smbpasswd at the company. There is a web page
called Samba Notes (though I don't know the URL) with correct string for
shadow passwords.

Hope this helps


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