Bad NICs (was Collision Lights go Crazy)

Darrin M. Gorski dgorski at
Tue May 11 21:50:05 GMT 1999

Just had to say that I have had the same expirience as Steven. My 3Com
NIC's (all the way back to the Etherlink and Etherlink/16) have always
been reliable. And usually when they die, they do just that. They don't
'sort-of' work, they fail. Of the several thousand that have been on our
network here, I've seen less than a dozen go bad. - Great cards.

AS for the NE2000 clones, I seem to recall that the Ethernet HOWTO
basically states that the NE2000 API/interface was inferior for 10MB and
is really bad for 100MB. It's old and slow.

Anyway, as Steven (sort of) stated: you get what you pay for.

Fast/Cheap/Reliable: pick 2.

I choose fast and reliable, therefore I choose 3Com everytime.


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