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Tue May 11 12:52:22 GMT 1999

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> Subject: Advice needed for samba for school use
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> Hi:
> I'm setting-up samba 2.0.0 on linux 2.2.1 as a file/print server
> for a group of 24 Win98 machines in a mixed-age (K-12) school
> lab in Mexico. There are approx. 200 students and every hour the users
> change. The users do not often use the same machine they last used.
> I need to automate the process as much as possible; I'm sure
> this is being done elswhere and I hate to reinvent the wheel.
> What I need to happen is this:
> 1. All login info. and user profiles stored on the samba server
> and only on the samba server. If local copies are made, over time
> every machine will have password and profile information (likely
> out-of-date) for every student. I have the profiles being stored
> correctly on the samba server, how can I eliminate the copies
> on the client machines?

It's possible only via network policy on WindowsNT.

> 2. Each user should connect automatically to his home directory
> upon login at the Win98 machine, and disconnect automatically
> upon logout. The user's home directory should become the current
> working directory for the user, so that, by default, all user
> files are kept there. I've tried putting "net use z: /HOME" in
> the %U.bat for each user, but it fails because "netlogon" is
> always mounted on z:.

You can try this:
Net Use Y: \\Server\Homes

in smb.conf:
  path = /usr/users/%S
  comment = Home directory of user %S
  guest ok = no
  read only = no
  browseable = no
  create mode = 0700

> 3. Users should not be able to see (browse) the directories of
> any other user.

in smb.conf:
  browseable = no
and [homes] section as above

> 4. The Win98 logon screen fields should always be blank (not
> contain the name of the last user) for new logins.

In PolEdit:
Local Computer - Windows 98 Network - Logon - Dont show last user on logon

> 5. Users should not be able to "share" their home directory
> across the network.
> 6. Does a tool exist for batch entry of login/passwords? I'm
> not using password encryption.

If you want automatic logon to Windows, you can use TweakUI.

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