SAMBA printing Win98 -> Redhat printer server

Duy_An Nguyen-Khanh citgo_sg at
Tue May 11 07:05:07 GMT 1999

I'm having problem with printing from win98 to my printer which is connected 
to my Red Hat machine. I can see lp from Network Neighbourhood and printer 
is set up as \\REDHATMACHINE\lp
however nothing would come out of the printer. Windows doesn't give
any error message.
My Red Hat machine prints fine however. I've included a portion of
my smb.conf below.

   printcap name = /etc/printcap
   load printers = yes
   security = user

   comment = HP Deskjet 500
   path = /var/spool/lpd
   valid users = myusername
   print ok = yes
   printable = yes
   browseable = no
   public = no
   guest ok = no
   writable = no

My shared directories have very similar configurations and I can use
them in Windows just fine. Any help would be much appreciated.

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