netbios server failing

Timothy Demarest demarest at
Mon May 10 20:23:00 GMT 1999


>I got such message:

>hostname inetd[111]: netbios-ns/udp server failing (looping), service

>What does it mean ? How can I correct it ?

This can happen if inetd is trying to handle too many requests for that
particular service in a specific time interval. Under Solaris 2.5.1 inetd
considers any service that invokes itself more than 40 times in 60 seconds
as "broken". From the man page:

     -r        Allows inetd to detect and then suspend ``broken''
               servers. The -r flag has the form:
               -r count interval
               count  and  interval  are  decimal  numbers   that
               represent  the  maximum  count  of invocations per
               interval of  seconds  a  service  may  be  started
               before the service is considered ``broken''.
               Once considered ``broken'', a server is  suspended
               for  ten  minutes.  After ten minutes, inetd again
               enables  service,  hoping   the   server   behaves
               If the -r flag is not specified, inetd behaves  as
               though -r40 60 was specified.

To override this behavior you need to start inetd with
the -r option (Solaris) like this:

  /usr/sbin/inetd -s -r 300 60

This will allow up to 300 invocations in 60 seconds. To permanently make
the change edit /etc/init.d/inetsvc.

We had to do this in our environment because when the Samba servers are
rebooted they receive about 200 requests for remounts from all of the
active PCs.

Good luck.


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