questions about HD size; and daemon.

Laurent Bardi lolo at
Mon May 10 17:03:10 GMT 1999


I m using the 2.0.23 and i m wondering if i should throw away all my
(because samba is now on some point better than MS$ themselves...)

-"max disk size" is "global" and should be (to my mind) "share". In fact we
could allocate 100Mb for one user, 50 Mb for another and they will see only
this size.
ie: ou users have a quota of 50 Mb but they see a 4Gb disk : they says :
"hey i want more!". Moreover when they do a "property" under their win95
they see all the disk wich is not obvious if they have a quota limitation...
In the case of the mac client using DAVE , it is a big pb if the disk they
see is more than 2Gb!!

-why the smbd daemon does not run as <user> and run as root (perhaps it is
unsecure to ask for that?) but it will be more easy for admin to see who is
connected (ps) ?

-I don t really understand why with DAVE we can not use NTFS for "fstype".
Does samba implement "Streams"? I suspect that, as streams are not
implemented , DAVE can't use <filename:AFP_xxx> which are the NTFS streams
used for resource fork and so.

many thanks for responses in advance
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