Screen Saver

Roberto Joao Lopes Garcia roberto at
Mon May 10 13:45:57 GMT 1999

At 13:35 10/05/99 +1000, you wrote:

I also need that!

It is a very big problem that users insist in don't log out the Win95/98
machine they have loged into samba server.

Very good ideia, please let me know if You can find one Screen saver like that

Thank you 


>I know this is a little off topic but I know a lot of people use Samba to
>authenticate pcs and this may be useful.  I was wondering if anyone has
>written a screensaver for Win95/98 that is password protected based on the
>current user, who has already been authenticated through Samba.  So that
>if a user forgets to log out of the machine the screen saver comes on and
>can only be disabled by the user that was logged in.  Much like Xwindows
>Autolock for Solaris.  I was going to write one...but I hate to reinvent
>the wheel, if I don't have to.

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