Upgrade problems

Kim Aldis Kim at aldis.co.uk
Mon May 10 10:38:06 GMT 1999

I'm in the process of upgrading Samba 1.9.15 to 2.03 on our Irix network.
Using the same smb.conf file I get the following when trying to open a Samba
machine in the network neighbourhood:-

	'Incorrect password or unknown username for: \\Kate'

followed by a request for username/password. When I enter a name/password
pair I get:-

	'\\Kate is not accessible. The account is not authorised to login from this

I can connect OK using smbclient and testparms give me an OK output.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Kim Aldis
Creative Director
The Aldis Animation Co. Ltd.
Kim at Aldis.co.uk

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