Advice on Samba for large site

Mike Richardson doctor at
Mon May 10 09:38:57 GMT 1999


I've been asked to research the possibility of changing our site from
Novell to Samba. We've got 10,000+ client machines with about 30,000
users and currently use about 200-300 novell servers. I'm reasonably
familiar with Samba but not on this scale. If anyone can point me
towards a similar site then I'd be grateful. 

Currently we have a accouting system for each user for printing
services, access to home directories and installed software (some
licenced), mail delivered to the Novell server using mercury and
read using pegasus (normally).

Questions I need answered are general ones such as:

What problems were encountered initially, and subsequently?
How much can samba do out the box and how much custom software is
How can we retain the print accounting services?
How good is samba with licenced software?
Will it scale to this number of machines/users?
What spec of hardware will we need for the servers?
How well does samba handle user filestore quotas?



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