Problem mapping drive names on Win95

Wolfgang Albrecht Wolfgang_Albrecht at
Sun May 9 20:50:55 GMT 1999


in my Office, I'm trying to replace a Novell-server by a Linux-server.
On the Novell-server, there is the SYS: volume. On this volume
is a directory named DriveT. I did a map on it, so this SYS:DriveT was
used as T: . If you link Excel sheets, which are stored on T:,
to Word documents, Word unfortunately saves the UNC path,
which is \\SERVER1\SYS\DRIVET instead of T:

On my new Samba server, I`m trying to keep the same paths, because
there are many hundred Word documents with thousands of links to Excel
sheets. So I named the Linux server SERVER1, I created directory
/SYS and a directory DriveT in SYS. In this way, the UNC path is still
the same.

I would like to keep a drive named T: on my server, which should contain
the same files I had on the Novell server. Unfortunately, the
NET USE T: \\SERVER1\SYS\DRIVET does not work. Either a share named DRIVET
is defined in smb.conf, but this has the UNC name \\SERVER1\DRIVET,
or just SYS is defined as a share, but this can only be used by

Is there a way to get a directory, which is called T: and has the
UNC name \\SERVER1\SYS\DRIVET ? Does anybody know a solution to this

I'm using Suse Linux 6.1, Kernel 2.2.5, Samba 2.0.3 on a K6/300.

Thanks in advance

Wolfgang_Albrecht at

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