Help with smbmount Please

Dave Reed dreed at
Sun May 9 13:32:29 GMT 1999

> From: "Travis Morrow" <tmorrow at>
> Hey I am attempting to use linux to connect to my win98 computer that is =
> sharing 2 drives. I have tried to use smbmount to mount either drive, =
> but to no avail. The syntax I used was  (smbmount file://WIRED/DESKSTAR =
> /mnt/server -I  It will get to the prompt that asks for =
> your password, but after that it comes up with an error. The error says =
> ( mount error:  Invalid argument).  The syntax looks correct to me! I'm =
> running RedHat 5.2 kernel 2.2.5 and Samba 2.0.3.  Any help would be much =
> appreciated.=20

I'm very new to samba so I may not fully understand your problem, but
since nobody else has answered, I'll tell you what works for me:

I have a Win98 box and a RH 5.2 box with the 2.2 kernel RPM updates
and 2.2.7 compiled from the .tar.gz file (I know this worked with
2.2.6 and I suspect 2.2.5 but I don't remember when I first started
working with samba):

smbmount "\\WIN98\SHARE"  -c "mount /mnt/wherever"

where WIN98 is the name of the Win98 computer and SHARE is how the
drive is shared as and /mnt/wherever is the point on the Linux
computer where you want to mount the drive.  I don't use passwords
since this is just a home network (the Win98 machine is my wife's and
the Linux one mine) setup mainly so that she can print to the printer
hooked up to the Linux box.

Note: the smbmount command must be executed as root


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