hurtta+z1 at ozone.FMI.FI hurtta+z1 at ozone.FMI.FI
Sun May 9 09:33:58 GMT 1999

Johan Meiring:
> Hi,
> WOW, this was posted over a year ago!  A response now.
> The problem still exists.  As reconfirmed in a post i read not to long ago
> (within the last 2 weeks?).  HP jetdirect cards can only do one thing at a
> time. (HP has been writing Jetdirect firmware for 5 years, PLEASE HP you
> _MUST_ have the ability to fix it?!  Or don't you??)

Well, I noticed that with newer HP printers it does not hang.
Printer gives response

	Active connection from xxx.yyy.vvv.zzz

when it is working.

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