SAMBA 2.0.3 with HP WebJetadmin

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Sat May 8 00:24:25 GMT 1999

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>   2) SAMBA 2.0.3 with HP WebJetadmin
>         by "LeScoezec, Mark" <mark_lescoezec at>
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> Has anybody setup Samba in conjunction with HP WebJetadmin software?
> Seems that this would be a good combo if they worked together.

We're printing on our HP printers via Jetdirect cards,
and I've got lpd based queueing on a Sun Sparcstation
(SunOS 4.1.3_U1) using lpd.  Samba (1.9.18p3 on that
box) provides SMB printer services to a couple dozen 
Win95 and WinNT workstations.

I had printer driver services running for a while, but
that machine (Linux) had a disk crash, and I haven't 
re-created that capability.

lpd talks to the printer via a "netcat" utility that I
found on the seemy side of the internet tracks.  I could
only find an NT version that I "unported" back to SunOS.
The readme.txt was written by Weld Pond.

That's not JetAdmin, but it does get us to the printer.

> thanks in advance
> Mark LeScoezec

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