nmblookup weirdness

Kirk Patton kirk.patton at amd.com
Fri May 7 20:59:06 GMT 1999


I was messing around with nmblookup and discovered something strange and wanted to know 
if it was misbehaving or not.

nmblookup -R -U wins_server -S host
will do a host status on the netbeui host that looks like this;
Sending queries to ppdpc005<00>
Looking up status of
received 6 names
        PPDPC005        <00> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        AMDRDSVL        <00> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE> 
        PPDPC005        <20> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        PPDPC005        <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 
        AMDRDSVL        <1e> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE> 
        SPALINGA        <03> -         M <ACTIVE> 

If the debug level in the smb.conf is set to 0, it does not report the same way.
nmblookup -s /tmp/smb.conf -R -U ssvlamd10 -S ppdpc005 ppdpc005<00>
Looking up status of

That is all I get.  Is it supposed to behave this way?


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