Advice needed for samba for school use

Michael Anderson mka at
Fri May 7 18:36:52 GMT 1999


I'm setting-up samba 2.0.0 on linux 2.2.1 as a file/print server
for a group of 24 Win98 machines in a mixed-age (K-12) school
lab in Mexico. There are approx. 200 students and every hour the users
change. The users do not often use the same machine they last

I need to automate the process as much as possible; I'm sure
this is being done elswhere and I hate to reinvent the wheel.
What I need to happen is this:

1. All login info. and user profiles stored on the samba server
and only on the samba server. If local copies are made, over time
every machine will have password and profile information (likely
out-of-date) for every student. I have the profiles being stored
correctly on the samba server, how can I eliminate the copies
on the client machines?

2. Each user should connect automatically to his home directory
upon login at the Win98 machine, and disconnect automatically
upon logout. The user's home directory should become the current
working directory for the user, so that, by default, all user
files are kept there. I've tried putting "net use z: /HOME" in
the %U.bat for each user, but it fails because "netlogon" is
always mounted on z:.

3. Users should not be able to see (browse) the directories of
any other user.

4. The Win98 logon screen fields should always be blank (not
contain the name of the last user) for new logins.

5. Users should not be able to "share" their home directory
across the network.

6. Does a tool exist for batch entry of login/passwords? I'm
not using password encryption.

I know that some of these issues are marginally related to
samba, sorry. Hopefully, someone has already solved these

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