Michal heja at
Fri May 7 19:12:32 GMT 1999

Pattee M Bender wrote:
> Can someone tell me how to configure my unix printers so that no banner page is
> printed at the beginning of a print job?
> I have gotten the printing to work, but I want to stop the banner page.  What
> file do I change to configure that?
> AIX, 4.2.1, with NT Clients.

This is rather a question for another newsgroup...
You should have received a whole shelf of books with your AIX system (I
have translated some) as well as online documentation. The setting you
need depends on you printing subsystem (AIX uses lp as far as I'm
concerned) - my Linux uses lpr.

Suppose there is an appropriate setting for banner pages in lp? Anyone
out there knows?


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