Browse lists from other workgroups across subnets

Uwe Wendt uwen at
Fri May 7 15:30:18 GMT 1999

I have problems to get browse lists from other workgroups across subnets.
On win95 network neighbourhood I have a complete list form all computers
in the same workgroup (including computers located on an other subnet) and
a workgroup list. But if I try to look at the computers on an other
workgroup I get an error message: workgroup not available.

The subnet has an samba server (2.0.3) configured as DMB and WINS. All
computers on all subnets are accessible by its netbiosname. Samba knows
the browser master of all workgroups. On the local subnet are all
computers in the samba workgroup.
As long as this samba server is the only server on that subnet I get on
win95 only the computer list for this workgroup and the workgroup list.
Is an second samba server with an other workgroup on my subnet I get also
a computer list for this workgroup.
If I replace the second samba server with NT server I get computer lists
for all workgroups (as long as NT knows the browser master).

How can I configure the samba server to work like the NT server?

I have tried to query computer lists with:

smbclient -L <servername> -W <workgroup>

Samba returns a computer list only for its own workgroup, but NT for all
queried workgroups.

Any advises?

Uwe Wendt

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