Sending Winpopup Messages

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Fri May 7 12:50:42 GMT 1999

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"Gareth Williams" said:

>Sending Winpopup messages is possible by issuing the command
>smbclient -M <host>.
>How do I send a winpopup message to a user, or a workgroup.
>If I type smbclient -M <workgroup> I get 'Unknown Host'.
>I have tried various methods, but no success.
>I wish to cause winpopup messages to be broadcast when the server is 
>shutting down, automatically.
>What am I doing wrong???!

How about getting a list of hosts together into a file, and writing a shell 
script around smbclient.

	for i in `cat pclist.txt`
	  smbclient -M $i < shutdownmessage.txt

That's just a simple, off the top of my head command line shell script.  You 
can make it more robust if you want to.

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