Slow performance with Win95 client

Michal heja at
Fri May 7 12:22:58 GMT 1999

Cris Wade wrote:
> Here is the problem When my Win95 clients access the samba
> server I get real slow transfers, even if I only have one client accessing
> the server.  It transfers at like 70k/s to 150k/s, and the collision
> lights on the hub start going crazy. even for 10 megabit networking, this
> is rather slow. (it takes like 3 minutes to transfer a 5meg file) Here is
> the strange part. if I mount a remote share on the Samba server (Linux
> 2.2.5) using smbmount, and copy from the remote
> shhare to a local disk, I get transfer rates at about 7000k/s to 9000k/s.
> I get these results if I copy a file ether to or from the remote share.
> This indicates that there is nothhing wrong with the network cards or hub.
> also there are very few collisions.
> Well, here are the specs for my server system, and the client
> Linux server
>         Linux 2.2.5 based on Slackware 3.6 distro
>         PII 300 with 64 Meg RAM
>         Buslogic SCSI controler with 7200RPM 9.1 G IBM disk
>         Intel Etherexpress Pro + 10/100 (Intel 82557)
>         Samba 2.0.3
> Win 95 Client
>         Win95b
>         Celeron 300A with 64Meg RAM
>         7200 RPM IDE disk using standard GX chipset IDE controler
>         3Com 905b TX 10/100 NIC with v4.1 of the 3com drivers
>         TCP/IP is the only protocal installed currently, although I also
>         tried with the NETBEUI protocal installed, but there was no
>         diffrence
> The hub is just a generic 10baseT 8 port HUB.  I get good transfer rates
> using FTP or SMBFS on the server to transfer files.

This definitely is not a hardware problem; post your software (samba,
settings. Have you enabled oplocks?

You can also try mess with win95 TCP/IP settings (MTU, MRU, etc.) and
make sure
they are the same with Linux ones. 

Happy networking


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