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Carey F. Cox carey at
Thu May 6 13:38:52 GMT 1999

On Thu, 6 May 1999, Stephen L Arnold wrote:

> I agree (I would think smbpasswd should work as long as the 
> password file exists and is in the right place).  Some things to 
> check:
> If you're running RedHat linux, check to see that all relevant 
> files are in the proper places.  RedHat modifies both sources and 
> the (pre-configure) standard makefile, eg, they put smbpasswd in 
> /etc (this may apply to other distributions as well).

I am using a non-standard path for the smbpasswd file, but I give 
that path in the smb.conf file (see below). Just to make sure that 
wasn't the problem, I put it back in /etc, but got the same results.

> What kind of error messages are you getting?  Maybe you need to 
> modify the passwd chat string (I don't have that one, but I'm still 
> running 1.9.18p8).

I am running samba-2.0.3-19990228 on a Linux SMP 2.2.1 kernel (RH 5.2 base).

Here is info from an earlier post:

------------------------------cut here--------------------------------------

I am trying to incorporate encrypted passwords into our server. I 
haven't enabled encryption as yet, because I wanted to check to ensure 
the users could change their passwords via smbpasswd. However, I keep 
getting the following error message when I try to change the password 
on the server...

$ smbpasswd -D 3
Old SMB password:
New SMB password:
Retype new SMB password:
Connecting to at port 139
machine rejected the password change: Error was : The specified
password is invalid.
Failed to change password for user

I have the following set in my smb.conf...

        update encrypted = Yes
        smb passwd file = /path-to-smbpasswd/smbpasswd
        passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
        passwd chat = *current*password* %o\n *ew*password* %n\n *ew*password*
%n\n *success*
        passwd chat debug = Yes
        password level = 1
        unix password sync = Yes

I am basing the passwd chat on the dialog from a regular passwd session...

$ passwd
Changing password for user
(current) UNIX password: 
New UNIX password: 
Retype new UNIX password: 
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully

I also tried changing the user's password as root, which gave all indication 
that it was successful, but did not change the password.

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