Omer Music omerm at
Thu May 6 13:41:35 GMT 1999

Hello All, 

  I am setting up a samba backup UNIX box. It will periodically login onto
a windoze box(with smbclient), pickup the files, and save them.  
    The problem is that I couldn't make any error correction in case of
power blackout or anything similar.  That is, while backing up, if I
shutdown the WIN machine, one I'm backing up, smbclient goes crazy, giving
broken pipe error. Since the machine will be unattended, I need
to be able to detect whether backup has been completed or not. A better
option would be to write a small shell script which would detect 'broken
pipe' and according to that, backup up the machine once more. 
Any ideas, solutions ?


Omer Music


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