How to set up spooling for a HP JetDirect interface?

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The problem with the HP JetDirect or JetExpress stuff is that it can't really spool.
I also had the problem you discribe and solved it the following way:

1)	Use only ONE UNIX-Box to connect to the HP-MIO
2)	Make the UNIX connect process wait for the last to complete.
	in LINUX you make a printcap entry like this:

hp2|lp2|HP LaserJet on HP JetExpress 500X:\

	in AIX it's more tricky.

The reason why your old SUN works with this is that it's 515 spooler waits for each job to be completed. This seems to have changed a few years ago, so that 515 assume an UNIX-like spooler on the other hand that can handle and queue up multiple parallel requests.

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Regarding SAMBA printing problems to HP JetDirect:

We use HP printers with the JetDirect network card and 
they work very well.  However, the print spooler on Linux
(RPM lpr-0.35-0.5.2) as well as the one on AIX 4.2.1 have a
problem when the JetDirect card doesn't respond while it
is processing a job:  The AIX print queue hangs, whereas
we find that jobs are lost in the Linux spooler.  Try to
send two large print jobs from Linux to a remote JetDirect,
and you will probably find that the second job vanishes.

As a workaround, we send Linux print to a remote UNIX 
spooler that doesn't loose jobs.  On AIX we restart the
queue from crontab by this undocumented command (from
IBM support):  /usr/bin/qadm -U [queuename]
One UNIX spooler that doesn't have a problem with 
JetDirect's non-responsiveness is the one in an old
SunOS 4.1.3 machine.  I trust that HP-UX will work, too.

> Tulipant-Gergely at
> > I've set up Samba and LPRng for HP printers with
> > JetDirect cards. It works for one user at a
> > time. But if the printer is off-line or busy, the
> > samba client does not get an error message, but
> > the job gets lost. :( I would like the print
> > jobs to be spooled on Linux even when there is an
> > active print job or when the printer is off-line.
> > Unfortunately I'm not familiar with lpd.
> Well. When remote printer server does not response,
> lpd spools message. I have not hear that jobs
> are lost althoug we have several  HP printers with
> JetDirect cards.

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