Q: roaming profiles

Heiko Nardmann h.nardmann at secunet.de
Thu May 6 09:56:02 GMT 1999


I want to have my profile on the server so that when my NT workstation
my profile is still kept save on the server.
My problem is that we have two servers: one NT server which does the
and one running Linux with Samba. Now I would like to have the profile
in my Linux home directory, i.e. the authentication server is different
from the
profile server.

Is this possible? 
If yes what documents do I have to read and what else do I have to do?
Do I have to change the configuration of every NT machine or is it
to change the NT server configuration?
It would be nice to switch to a different workstation but have the same
profile everywhere.

I already have setup a nice working Samba 2.0.3 on the Linux server.

Thanks in advance!

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