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Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Thu May 6 05:06:17 GMT 1999

On 6 May 99, Kledi Andoni <kledi at> had questions 
about permissions:  

> 2. I need to set up a public directory that all files are readable and
> writable by anyone... I mean that other users, not owners of the file
> modify the file. By default when the file is created, it has write
> permission just for the creator, group is just read...

This is a function of the underlying file/directory permissions.  
The defaults depend on what flavor of linux/unix you're running.  
RedHat (my current flavor) uses a user-private-group scheme (see 
the redhat installation manual).  What you need to do is create a 
group for your users.  Then make that group the owner of the 
directories you're going to share out with samba.  Then set the 
sticky bit on those dirs (so new files created by any member of the 
group will be owned by the group).  I think...

The redhat manual explains it better than I can.  Hope this helps.


Steve Arnold  CLE (Certifiable Linux Evangelist)

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