Linux SMB Server-WinNT Network, Login probs

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Thu May 6 05:06:17 GMT 1999

On 6 May 99, "Rajat Hooja" <rhooja at> had questions about 
Linux SMB Server-WinNT Network, Login probs:  

> I can get the smb server to show up in the NT Network Neighborhood.
> Publicly accessible folders and files work fine. But when I try and setup
> an individual user folder so that only one specific user can access it, it
> doesn't work.
> I try and open up a folder and it prompts me for a login/pass, i try both
> my linux login and my WinNT login and I get the message "The account is
> not authorized to login from this station."

I'm not sure exactly which problem you're describing.  One is 
related to authentication, the other to file and directory 
permissions.  What security mode are you running in?  Is everyone 
authenticating to an NT PDC somewhere?

I don't have a PDC, so I did the following:  User accounts on the 
NT box, their linux/samba accounts, and their win95 NetBIOS names 
all correspond to their lastnames.  The NT and linux boxes (running 
in security=user mode) each have their own hostname (the NetBIOS 
name is the same).  They login to their win9x clients and use their 
linux/samba password (if they don't, then they can't access the 
samba shares).

The win9x smb thingy sends the NetBIOS name as the username 
(instead of the linux username) so you have to map the nemas if 
they're not the same.  Certain builds/SP of NT have a different 
problem where it doesn't let you specify the username in exploder.  
You have to open a command prompt and do a Net Use command 
specifying the username.  Then you can browse the shares.  If you 
make a permanent drive mapping, then it will prompt you correctly 
for the password after you login to NT.  I have all the samba 
usernames mapped to the NT hostname too.

Once you can do the above, then make sure the share directories you 
create on the linux side are not owned by root (and have the 
ownership and permissions that you really want) and you should be 

Hope this helps, Steve

Steve Arnold           

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