german umlaute win95 client vs. Linux-Samba file server

Ralf Christmann rchristmann at
Wed May 5 16:04:07 GMT 1999

First of all thanks a lot for the discussion of the people which made some
suggestions .
Urban last wrote:
>/bin/ls -b on the share gives:
>While ls on the ext2 still gives
>cola:~>/bin/ls -b åäö
>LC_CTYPE is set to sv_SE, so åäö isprint() (I think?). Clearing LC_CTYPE,
>cola:~>/bin/ls -b åäö
>Which is different from the above. There seems to be a need to make some
>kind of translation of filenames (\206 -> \345 ?) For smbclient this is
>done by these settings:
> character set  = iso8859-1
>   client code page = 850
>The above settings also make shares from a linux box handle åäö in
>filenames with a NT client (both files created on the server and from the
>client). I think this is an answer to the original question. Ralf, did you
>have these set?
>I still haven't found a way to tell smbmount/mount/smbfs to use a
>"codepage". When mounting vfat for example, it takes a codepage=###
>Oh, and /bin/ls -N doesn't help, as someone suggested. I just get black
>squares (both xterm and console).

You are right, ls -N does only help for those files which where created on
the linux side.
But this is not the problem! The problem is the translation of files
touched by a win95 client to the linux side.
On the win95 clients I can not notify that there are problems on the linux
The clients see the files in the way they created on in the windows box.
But when I look at this files on the linux server the strange
mistranslation of the filenames
is done as I described before.  So I set up the parameters 
character set  = iso8859-1
client code page = 850

But this does not help. I've  also tried to give some valid chars
parameters without success.
I believe that the problem is related to the right settings of valid chars.
Do you share my point of view?

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