How to install network apps?

M.Sapsed m.sapsed at
Wed May 5 11:02:09 GMT 1999

Bill Eldridge wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out an
> intelligent way to install
> apps on the network server,
> and be able to install once
> and have all the clients use
> this.  However, it seems
> like most installations modify
> the registry and seem to
> demand a client-by-client installation.
> Am I missing something on this?
> Can someone provide me some hints
> or references to help this?

Welcome to the bane of my life! You aren't missing anything. Most
applications are written on the basis that you will install them on every
machine. Some are written so you can install on a network server and then
do a client install on every machine. Very few are written such that you
can install them on a network server and they will just work on a client.

For the usual sorts if you want them to just work you have to either copy
the DLLs that sneak into the windows dirs back to the program dirs on the
server or do a script in kix32, batsh or winbatch or whatever to copy them
to each machine and also work out what registry entries or ini files are
needed. There are tools like wininstall (symantec?) or inctrl (on the ziif
davis archive) to help but a lot of it is trial and error in my experience!



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