How to set up spooling for a HP JetDirect interface?

Kari E. Hurtta hurtta+z1 at ozone.FMI.FI
Wed May 5 10:38:17 GMT 1999

Tulipant-Gergely at
> I've set up Samba and LPRng for HP printers with 
> JetDirect cards. It works for one user at a 
> time. But if the printer is off-line or busy, the
> samba client does not get an error message, but 
> the job gets lost. :( I would like the print 
> jobs to be spooled on Linux even when there is an
> active print job or when the printer is off-line.
> Unfortunately I'm not familiar with lpd.

Well. When remote printer server does not response,
lpd spools message. I have not hear that jobs
are lost althoug we have several  HP printers with
JetDirect cards.

As far lpd is considered 
	remote printer server=HP printerwith JetDirect card

Of course very command lpr, lpq, lprm tries to take
connection to printer -- so it takese some time
to get output from lpq (before it notices that
'remote printer server' does nor respond and then
print only local lpd queue.)

/ Kari Hurtta

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