Print spooling from LPRng and Samba

Bruce Kerr bkerr at
Wed May 5 09:00:13 GMT 1999

for print spooling to work with HP jetdirect you have to set up a sort of
bounce queue with /etc/printcap for your JetDirect Printers eg:

shared_prn:lp=lp at localhost
lp:server:lp=lpt1 at

of course you should use your own printers name and ip address.

The word localhost should stay as it is.

This works for me on 3 JD printers in the one printcap ( all separate
entries and ip's)

If anyone has this working and then gets the accounting file to work give me
a mail as I can only get the jobstart and jobend entries in my accounting
file, I don't get the pagecount entries eg start -p... end -p ...

Hope this helps


Bruce Kerr

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