SMB/WINS with dynamic IP?

Derek Westcott derekwes at
Wed May 5 00:51:16 GMT 1999

I'm having troubles getting my Linux box to join an NT domain.  The problem
I'm having is that nmbd refuses to load unless it can resolve my hostname to
an IP.  Since my IP is assigned via DHCP, I don't want to add a dummy entry
to /etc/hosts.  Also, the nameserver on my domain won't resolve my name
until I've joined (WINS has processed my request, perhaps?).

It appears I'm left with a catch-22..My hostname won't be properly resolved
until nmbd is running, and nmbd won't run unless my hostname is resolved.

DIAGNOSIS.txt has a line, "It is possible to run samba without DNS entries
for the server and client," but I've failed to find further documentation on
how this would be accomplished.

What am I missing?

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