Generating Encrypted smbpasswd file

Sam Mbir-Bondzie smbirbondzie at
Tue May 4 13:15:53 GMT 1999

Hello All,

I am new to samba and need some help from the samba experts.

I have installed, configured and running samba 2.03 on IRIX 6.5
It is working pretty well with encrypted password on.
I have converted the /etc/passwd file to smbpasswd with mksmbpasswd
script which generated 32X's format as stated in the documentation.

Now the problems is, this smbpasswd file generated is not the encrypted
password  hence I have to issue the  command

smbpasswd  -U username
New smbpasswd   ******

before the smbpasswd file can be converted to an encrypted one without
the 32X's.
Doing this manually  for all users will be a time consuming task
considering the number of user accounts that is on my system.

I would therefore be glad if anyone out there could help me with an
easier way of generating the encrypted smbpasswd from either the
/etc/passwd or /etc/shadow password file without the 32X's but the
encrypted smbpasswd file.

Thank  you

Sam. Mbir-Bondzie
Unix Sys. Admin.
AT & T,  Morristown

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