Bad smbclient put performance and smbfs write performance

joe vigil avimis at
Mon May 3 17:12:28 GMT 1999

On our AIX machine I was able to improve performance by 4x by messing with socket options.
Specifically, I use TCP_NODELAY SO_SNDBUF=32678 SO_RCVBUF=32678
Also I changed the read size to 65536.

Hope this helps...

> I've had extremely bad smbclient put performance when connecting from my Linux
> box to a Windows 95 box.  I only get about 10KBytes/s!  All other forms of data
> transfer work fine, and I get from 600-700KBytes/s.  This is on a local 10BT
> LAN.  I've seen a few other reports of this, but no solutions as of yet.
> smbclient does puts just fine to another Linux/Samba Server.  I'm using Samba
> 2.0.3, the Linux machines are running kernel 2.2.7, glibc-2.1, egcs-1.1.2.
> I've two Win95 machines, both perform equally poorly.
> I also have very bad smbfs write performance.  When doing a simple cp of a file
> to the smbfs mounted directory results in performance of about 40KBytes/s.
> Reads from the file system are OK, but interactivity (like doing a 'ls' on the
> mounted directory) is extremely poor while doing either reads or writes.  In
> this case, it doesn't matter what the OS of the server I'm mounting from is.
> Mounting a share from Win95 or from another Linux/Samba-2.0.3 machine gets the
> same results.  I mount the share using this command for win95 (I don't have the
> w95 fixes compiled into the kernel) `smbmount //server/share -c 'mount mntpoint
> -f 3755'` and the same thing without the '-f 3755' when mounting from another
> Samba Server.  Interestingly, mounting a Samba share from the same machine gets
> good performance.
> I've dabbled with win95 registry settings, and smb.conf settings, but the
> results are exactly the same no matter what I've tried.
> Any help would be appreciated,
> -Dave

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