Bad smbclient put performance and smbfs write performance

David B. Rees dbr at
Sat May 1 09:08:40 GMT 1999


I've had extremely bad smbclient put performance when connecting from my Linux
box to a Windows 95 box.  I only get about 10KBytes/s!  All other forms of data
transfer work fine, and I get from 600-700KBytes/s.  This is on a local 10BT
LAN.  I've seen a few other reports of this, but no solutions as of yet. 
smbclient does puts just fine to another Linux/Samba Server.  I'm using Samba
2.0.3, the Linux machines are running kernel 2.2.7, glibc-2.1, egcs-1.1.2. 
I've two Win95 machines, both perform equally poorly.

I also have very bad smbfs write performance.  When doing a simple cp of a file
to the smbfs mounted directory results in performance of about 40KBytes/s. 
Reads from the file system are OK, but interactivity (like doing a 'ls' on the
mounted directory) is extremely poor while doing either reads or writes.  In
this case, it doesn't matter what the OS of the server I'm mounting from is. 
Mounting a share from Win95 or from another Linux/Samba-2.0.3 machine gets the
same results.  I mount the share using this command for win95 (I don't have the
w95 fixes compiled into the kernel) `smbmount //server/share -c 'mount mntpoint
-f 3755'` and the same thing without the '-f 3755' when mounting from another
Samba Server.  Interestingly, mounting a Samba share from the same machine gets
good performance.

I've dabbled with win95 registry settings, and smb.conf settings, but the
results are exactly the same no matter what I've tried.

Any help would be appreciated,

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