How to backup from Win to Linux using smb

Glenn Burkhardt glenn at
Wed Jun 30 13:16:23 GMT 1999

> I have big problem: I need to automaticaly copy files from Win'pc to Linux
> server.

I submitted this one to the mailing list awhile back, but I've made some
improvements, so here it is again.
We have cron run a script every night that backs up all the systems (Win and
Unix) to a single tape.  Naturally, the tape capacity needs to be large enough
for all the systems involved.  The HP 4mm DAT DDS-3 tapes with 12 gb (before
compression) capacity work nicely for us.  We also do incrementals on most
of the Unix systems, and avoid making copies of program files on the Win 

Here's the script:

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#! /bin/csh

if ($#argv == 0) then
    set fileno = 0
    set fileno = $1

set SMBC=/usr/local/samba/bin/smbclient
cd /backup
set TAPE=/dev/nrst0

set EXCLUDE=(windows winnt dos xnfs orcadwin MAXPLUS2 emacs OmniX OmniNFSXe \
    MSOffice Office wpwin60 Acrobat3 engr wpc20 DMI ATI PAGEMGR KPCMS OPLIMIT \
    wpwin60 dell mouse vibra16 teac winmcad win32app acroread acrobat3 \
    bsdl pkware ACADR13 DTEXT23 MCVHDL RECYCLED lotus Corel ACER \
    MAX2WORK ticd abel3 clipart HPFONTS ORCADWIN ICM98)

#  Hosts with pcadmin remote access account 
set hlist = ( drachma kopek masada tohoten shiva peddlerI fujin sappho )
set olist = ( sandra  johnf glenn  jean    peggy paula    jim maureen )

set i = 1
while ($i <= $#hlist)
    echo ping $hlist[$i]
    ping $hlist[$i]
    if ($status) then
    	echo email to $olist[$i] for $hlist[$i] not available
	/bin/mail -s "Backup for $hlist[$i] failed" $olist[$i] \
		    < /backup/failed.msg
	/bin/mail -s "Backup for $hlist[$i] ($olist[$i]) failed" backuplist\
		    < /backup/failed.msg
        echo File ${fileno}: $hlist[$i]
        $SMBC \\\\$hlist[$i]\\c "pcadmin" -TcbX 126 $TAPE \
	    "Program Files" $EXCLUDE >&! $hlist[$i].log
        @ fileno = $fileno + 1
    @ i++

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