Urgent: multiple NIC

Carlos Rodrigues e Silva csilva at inescn.pt
Wed Jun 30 11:33:26 GMT 1999


I have a NT Workstation with SP4 and 3 network interfaces. I use ATM
over IP, so two of my interfaces are CLIP.
CLIP is ip over atm, so the only problem for samba would be no
broadcasts in atm interfaces.

I also have a Linux Box (RedHat 2.2.1 with samba 2.0.2) with 3
interfaces for the same networks as my PC.

It looks something like this:

              -Linux Box-          -NT Box-

If I map a network drive in my NT for the Linux interface
(using the ip not a netbios name or any other name) I get traffic in the
other interfaces.

Using tcpdump on the interface associated with (atm1) on
the Linux Box I only get traffic flowing from -->
If I try a file transfer the data comes from -->
on the interface for ethernet (eth0).

If unplug the ethernet cable the transfer is interrupted. Sometimes I
pick up the transfer on the other atm interface.

I've tryed to use lmhosts to name my NT Box and the Linux Box (added myBox    #PRE  linuxBox26 #PRE  linuxBox28 #PRE
but that didn't help. Also put
    domain master = yes
    wins support = yes
    wins proxy = yes
on the smbd.conf in my Linux, with the same negative results.

Imho, the problem is that there's no association between the netbios
name (and ip) of the server machine and the interface used by the client
machine. The samba client connects to the correct ip, but listen in any

If there is a way to associate the ip/name with the correct network,
i.e., making the connetion on only one network, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any pointer that will help me.


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