Anyone successfully using a HP 8000 DN (with JetDirect module and IP) with samba?

Michael James michael.james at
Wed Jun 30 09:11:42 GMT 1999

Yes, there are 3 ways that work well.
Even JetAdmin works but it is hugely overweight.

In these examples hp8000 is the unix name of the printer
 and ip.of.hp is its IP number.

1) Plain old BSD LPD

Sun have at last found the bug that returns "Printer Faulted"
 on any lpstat between a Solaris box and HP.

Bug Id: 4167443
 Category: utility
 Subcategory: printer
 State: integrated
 Synopsis: Unable to configure SUN to HP or Unisys printing under 2.6.
After configuring a remote printer that resides on a HP print server lpstat
reports the printer in an "unknown state". This is the same as closed
bug 4127263. The printer was added in the traditional fashion using the
standard 2.6 utilities. 

And they have patched it: Patch-ID 107115  And it works!

So you can add an HP8000 with
lpadmin -p hp8000 -v /dev/null -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard \
	-Isimple,postscript,pcl -o dest=ip.of.hp -o protocol=bsd
enable hp8000
accept hp8000

vi /etc/lp/interfaces/hp8000
 and set nobanner=yes
 or you'll waste paper.

Try testing it:

lpstat -t | grep hp8000 | lp -d hp8000

In the past, after a long delay you would be holding
 a perfectly printed sheet telling you your printer doesn't work.


Since Solaris 2.6 you can add printers using a raw tcp connection to port 9100

lpadmin -p hp8000 -v /dev/null -i /usr/lib/lp/model/netstandard \
	-Isimple,postscript,pcl -o dest=ip.of.hp:9100 -o protocol=raw

Works fine, you don't get any logging of connection status but.


If you have installed the 3.7 Meg of JetAdmin...
 well there are 270K of useful bits that provide a good connection to HP JetDirect.

I assume you have the JetAdmin package in /opt/hpnp

lpadmin -p hp8000 -v /dev/null -i /opt/hpnp/sh/hpnp.model -I 'simple,postscript,pcl'

Then you must edit the /etc/lp/interfaces/hp8000 file:
  REALMODEL=/opt/hpnp/<you'll have to find it>/net_ljx000

And you must have in place the files:

I have doctored copies of the hpnp.model and net_lj5x00 sh-scripts
 and an add_hp_printer script of my own if you are interested.


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