NTFS File Compression (PR#18351)

Steffen Moser moser at egu.schule.ulm.de
Tue Jun 29 18:29:27 GMT 1999


On 30 Jun 99, at 3:24, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> This isn't really something that Samba should do (IMHO) as
> the implementor of just the remote access protocol, it's more a 
> kernel/filesystem property (as it is in NT).

I also think that compression is the filesystem's job.

> I believe that there is a compressing file system available for
> Linux - the best choice would be to use this on the filesystem that
> Samba is sharing out. 

Does anybody know more about such a file system? I have just 
looked through the available file systems of the linux-2.2.10 kernel 
and I haven't found a filesystem which supports compression. 


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