Samba vs. NetAppliance

Daniel Petzen Daniel.Petzen at
Tue Jun 29 08:23:18 GMT 1999

  Sorry for answering so late, but there have been very much to do lately.

> Existing UNIX savvy admins should have little trouble administering a
> filer via telnet (for commands such as ifconfig, ping or dump) or via an
> NFS mount to use chown, chmod or vi (to edit files such as hosts, passwd
> or exports).

  The current NetApp implementation just have one password/account. When
authenticating a user through a telnet session it has three criterias:
connecting host, username and password. All these are very easy to
compromise and I won't even bother to describe how. Just the thought of
sending a server root password in cleartext... *shrug*

  The point I want to make is that the security concerning logins is so
bad today that telnet isn't an option for any serious user.

  When you have implemented the promised ssh functionality you're back in
business on the UNIX-admin side again. Until then the only realistic
administration is from NT.

  //Daniel Petzén

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