was: Samba Solutions...maybe

Michael Doerner michael.doerner at clear.net.nz
Mon Jun 28 19:12:22 GMT 1999


thanks a lot for this hint.
Since that fixed my Samba/nmbd problem completely and Samba is now behaving
as expected I hope you don't mind that I cc' this mail also to the Samba
mailing list.
There are also a few people having trouble with browsing and it might be of
help there as well.

Thanks again.
Michael Doerner

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> To all who have recently had Samba problems since 6.1
> installs...After much
> investigation I believe I have found the problem with the disappearing act
> of SuSE samba boxes from NT network neighborhood...
> First and formost After debugging for a week between 2 identical
> machines I
> found that the SuSe machine was never sending broadcast packets...Setting
> the log level to 5 allowed me to see that the SuSE server was sending
> broadcast packets to itself...what you say???
> It seems that the standard rc.config has the dummy device configured to
> yes...Well the ifconfig (netmask= dummy captures all
> broadcast packets...so...Samba only sent broadcast packets to itself and
> they never made it to the network...This also includes responses to
> broadcast packets from other machines on the same subnet.
> To see if this may be your problem type lsmod -a...if dummyX is
> listed then
> reconfigure rc.config to dummy=no and either reboot or go to
> /etc/rc.d/rcX.d
> directory and type the command ./S04dummy stop...
> If you have dummy built in to the kernel just check the rc.config dummy
> parameter and set it to no and stop the dummy service as above.
> This completely fixed all Samba problems on my machines and I was able to
> drop all but the plainest of configuration parameters for Samba...And the
> world has returned to normal(I think)...
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