Smbmount with networked windows system backups

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Mon Jun 28 15:39:02 GMT 1999

April Escamilla wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
>         I am trying to automate the backups at my office, and am running
> into trouble with the windows machines.  I have used the smbmount command to
> mount the windows systems onto our RedHat Linux 6.0 box.  I can verify that
> they are indeed mounted successfully.
>     I have a copy of BRU, which is an excellent piece of backup software.
> Ideally, I would like to use BRU to back up our entire network.  But when I
> did a few trial runs with BRU and the aforementioned smbmounted windows
> systems,they never completely backed up.  BRU tech support suggested working
> with the smbmount to see if that would help.
>     I am wondering if anyone out there backsup an smbmounted windows system.
> Are there some extra arguments that one sends to smbmount in order to allow
> for this?  Does anyone out there perhaps use BRU to backup an smbmounted
> system?  Any thoughts, ideas, comments or wisdom would be greatly
> appreciated...
What exactly do you mean by "never completely backed up"?  Didn't get
all the files?  What kind of Windows systems are you backing up?

If it's Win95, there is an option that needs to be compiled into the
kernel - a Win95 workaround for a timing problem.  Do a 'make
menuconfig'; look under 'File systems'.
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