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Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sun Jun 27 19:09:01 GMT 1999

Stephen L Arnold wrote:
> Win95 with the vredir update will require the same reg hack to
> enable PlainText passwords.  See here for M$ update info(win98 too):
> However, if an NT PDC is doing the authentication, it shouldn't
> matter what the samba setting is (encrypted vs. plaintext).  I
> don't have access to NT server to check this.  What's the
> version/service pack of the PDC?  Maybe Jerry needs to chime in
> here...

The network redirector update prevents Win95 clients from 
downgrading to plain text passwords.  I think we've already 
covered this in this thread (sorry I came in late). 

The original problem was that newer Windows 9x clients 
could not connect while older ones could.  The authentication 
was handled by an NT PDC.  However, I did not find how 
there Samba box was setup.  What is the security setting
(user, domain, server)?  I do know that you said password 
encryption was enabled in smb.conf.

'updated encrypted' is turned off right?

Need more info (and coffee)....

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