SuSE 6.1 and NT Browsing Problems

Michael Demeter mmips at
Sun Jun 27 18:58:10 GMT 1999

I posted this to the SuSe list and am posting it here also for the benifit
of the SuSE users...

To all who have recently had Samba problems since SuSE 6.1 installs...After
much investigation I believe I have found the problem with the disappearing
act of SuSE samba boxes from NT network neighborhood...

First and formost After debugging for a week between 2 identical machines I
found that the SuSe machine was never sending broadcast packets...Setting
the log level to 5 allowed me to see that the SuSE server was sending
broadcast packets to itself...what you say???

It seems that the standard rc.config has the dummy device configured to
yes...Well the ifconfig (netmask= dummy captures all
broadcast only sent broadcast packets to itself and
they never made it to the network...This also includes responses to
broadcast packets from other machines on the same subnet.

To see if this may be your problem type lsmod -a...if dummyX is listed then
reconfigure rc.config to dummy=no and either reboot or go to /etc/rc.d/rcX.d
directory and type the command ./S04dummy stop...

If you have dummy built in to the kernel just check the rc.config dummy
parameter and set it to no and stop the dummy service as above.

This completely fixed all Samba problems on my machines and I was able to
drop all but the plainest of configuration parameters for Samba...And the
world has returned to normal(I think)...

Mike Demeter
Senior Design Engineer
Oresis Communications, Inc.
14670 NW Greenbrier Pkwy
Beaverton, OR 97006

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